Growing your business in West Africa can be an uphill climb if you donot have the resources to cover every aspect.  At E&R Standard Gate, our main core business is to provide consultative services, some of which includes Marketing Intelligence, Business Development, Sales Representative, Customer Service, Product Launch, and Due Diligence all in a one-stop-shop environment. These services are provided in a coordinated, streamlined, efficient and transparent manner to meet the needs of our clients.

We believe that a clear vision is only great when it delivers results that truly meets the needs of our clients.Our main goal is to generate sales revenue for your company, with the right market penetration strategy. But you cannot benefit from it without a service provider that has the right tools to make it happen where your demand exists. We are always right there to help you meet it hands on.Learn more about our services, West Africa is waiting for your business to flourish.

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